Corner Nook Kitchen Tables - Round Glass Table Lamp.

Corner Nook Kitchen Tables

corner nook kitchen tables

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kitchen nook

kitchen nook

My fave place to have breakfast, look at the garden, watch the birds and squirrels. One of the new corner shelves displays part of my aqua collection, my grandma's black and white enamel top table couldn't get any better along with these awesome aqua chairs I scored at a sale! Plus the lovely bloomin violets, trays, plants, and a little cupboard full of my vintage tea towel collection. Who wants to come over for tea?

Table Setting

Table Setting

JH and I were kindly seated in the middle section of the restaurant, right across from the table I was at months before with M&TB. :) I'd like to call this the romantic nook because it's warm and cozy, however would like to clarify that one doesn't have to be on a date to sit in this corner. LOL.

corner nook kitchen tables

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