Corner Nook Kitchen Tables - Round Glass Table Lamp.

Corner Nook Kitchen Tables

corner nook kitchen tables

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kitchen nook

kitchen nook

My fave place to have breakfast, look at the garden, watch the birds and squirrels. One of the new corner shelves displays part of my aqua collection, my grandma's black and white enamel top table couldn't get any better along with these awesome aqua chairs I scored at a sale! Plus the lovely bloomin violets, trays, plants, and a little cupboard full of my vintage tea towel collection. Who wants to come over for tea?

Table Setting

Table Setting

JH and I were kindly seated in the middle section of the restaurant, right across from the table I was at months before with M&TB. :) I'd like to call this the romantic nook because it's warm and cozy, however would like to clarify that one doesn't have to be on a date to sit in this corner. LOL.

corner nook kitchen tables

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Dining room table runner - Oak finish dining table - Modern coffee table set.

Dining Room Table Runner

dining room table runner

    table runner
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Dining Room Corner

Dining Room Corner

This is an old wooden ladder I have propped up in the corner of my dining room. I found it in the laundry room when I moved in and figured it would come in handy for something. On top I have some vintage books and a pair of antique leather button up baby shoes from the late 1800's. Hanging below is a super pretty knit poncho my mum made for me, a vintage hand-embroidered table runner and a quilt my mum made when I was a very little girl.

Fall table runner

Fall table runner

Fall runner for the dining room table, made using Michael Miller & Tina Givens fabrics. Left and right sides done with straight line quilting and the center done with FMQ

dining room table runner

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Folding bistro table set. Antique dining room table hardware. French kitchen tables.

Folding Bistro Table Set

folding bistro table set

    bistro table
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Folded book

Folded book

i made my mom a folded book inspired by Curtis Steiner at Souvenir in Ballard.

Folds in Space #9

Folds in Space #9

folded and mirrored white paper with color added in PS

folding bistro table set

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Glass Tables Tops

glass tables tops

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supply table top glass

supply table top glass

min size:200mm*100mm
max size:2000mm*1200mm
contact person:jack
hangzhou yong'an glass company ,china

The Table Top

The Table Top

This was made up of small peices of glass to make a table top! Really cool, I thought. :)

Taken by Zoofy, at the Corning Museum of Glass

glass tables tops

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Heavy wood table : 18 wide folding table

Heavy Wood Table

heavy wood table

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106/365: Post-Feast Candles

106/365:  Post-Feast Candles

Despite heavy rain Friday night and some high winds Saturday, I had a good time at my first "Dreamstone" event.

Here's how our candles looked after Feast - rather artistically melted by the air patterns caused by the ceiling fans and an intermittently open door.

I spent a bit of time getting wax off the table top.

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Kingdom of Meridies
Event: "A Midsummer Knight's Dreamstone"
by the Barony of Bryn Madoc (Athens, GA)
Camp Daniel Morgan, Hard Labor Creek State Park (Rutledge, GA)
April 15 - 17, 2011

106/365: 16 April 2011

Happy Easter! [or “Jeebus, what a table!”]

Happy Easter! [or “Jeebus, what a table!”]

The tables at Flaming Amy’s are all printed with various happy scenes like these. I guess horror helps digestion or something?

heavy wood table

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